Interesting Data Sets

This page was started to keep track of useful and/or interesting data sets that I run across and think could be good for examples or teaching etc. Over time, I will continue to add to it, including data sets from any category. If you have one to share, please send it along!


  • OLDLIST – Oldlist is a database on especially old (or as they describe, ancient) trees. This link show the species, ages, and location of many very old trees including a 5,000+ year old tree in White Mountains, CA!
  • Lifespans of common trees in West Virginia – includes the average lifespan and maximum lifespan for a variety of different species of trees native to West Virginia.

Daily Life

  • When is brunch? – an analysis of over 100 million tweets about brunch to determine the range of times that truly can be called “brunch”. Instead of using the raw data, this just seems like a good place to discuss histograms and general practice (for example, the author also collected tweets about breakfast and lunch to compare). Very interesting example for class.